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- The combination of MicroCAFS Technologies for Fire Attack and PPE-Decontamination provides a significantly higher level of safety for American Fire Fighters when compared to water only application.
- Science based research from Europe demonstrates MicroCAFS technologies has the ability to extinguish Lithium battery fire (Electric Vehicles) via Dry Class A-Foam Application
- Beside of the classical usage for fire fighting our units are also brilliant for cleaning, decontamination, sterilizing purposes and so on. No matter what kind of foam agent is used, we foam it up. That gives a very wide spectrum for possible applications.


Our newest unit....MicroCAFS Easy!
Mechanically controlled, no electronics necessary at all.
The most affordable upgrade to a fully advanced CAFS-System for any plain foamer....
All you need is a foam proportioning system and a source for compressed air....done!

News & Updates: News & Updates

Enhanced Racetrack Safety!
We are proud to announce that Italy's Formula 1 Racetrack, the Monza Autodrome,
is equipped with Units from us for
 many years (CEA Firefighting Services). 
Besides the classic superior suppression capabilities of our systems there is another
feature that became very important as various EV-Racecar Series are on the rise: 
It is the fact that our systems are capable of extinguishing fires of Battery Syst
(Lithium as well as other Chemistries)
of EV-Cars with the applicationof dry foam
in a very quick and efficient way.


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